3 “Must Do” Restroom Cleaning Tips

restroom-cleanliness-tipsKeeping Restrooms Clean

Commercial cleaning companies work in all kinds of industries, but one cleaning task remains ubiquitous no matter what type of facility a cleaning staff is working in. Restroom maintenance is an important and impactful part of any cleaning program.

Not only are restrooms present in nearly every type of facility, their appearance, smell, and perceived cleanliness are important for reducing the spread of infection and creating a positive impression.

Restroom Maintenance

Facilities are often judged by their overall cleanliness. The most influential factor in that assessment rests heavily on restroom cleanliness. Does the restroom smell fresh and clean? Are the garbage bins full and spilling paper towels on the floor? Are the countertops and sinks clean and inviting?

“Must Do” Tips for Restroom Cleanliness

  • Create a Comprehensive Checklist: Checklists are helpful because they ensure that cleaning staff have a visual reminder of every part of a restroom that needs to be cleaned. Working through a checklist covers all your bases and can make cleaning more efficient and cost-effective. Creating a checklist also gives you an opportunity to exceed your customer’s expectations by including a detailed schedule of spot cleaning, deep cleaning procedures and timeliness, and daily cleaning tasks. A checklist will also aid your employees in upholding sustainable cleaning practices when cleaning restroom facilities, creating an impressively clean space that is maintained with efficiency.
  • Select Superior Cleaning Products that Provide Positive Results: Stocking a restroom with the essentials is important: high quality toilet paper and hand soap are a must. Additionally, you can improve the user-friendliness and customer satisfaction of a restroom experience by using high quality, sustainable cleaning products. Environmentally friendly products create safe, clean restroom environments that prevent and reduce infection, eliminate odor, and prevent residues that attract dirt, grime, and bacteria.
  • Assess Your Work: A final tip for impressively clean restrooms is a regular assessment of the work of your cleaning staff. Scrutiny of cleaning methods, products, and equipment will help you constantly evaluate and improve your methods. Assessment also gives you an opportunity to regularly train and implement new products and procedures. On a microbial level, you can use an adenosine triphosphate (ATP) meter to literally check the level of microbial contamination on high-touch surface areas to determine their cleanliness.

While creating checklists and assessment procedures may seem overwhelming at first, once you implement these three helpful tips, you will enjoy the efficiency and improved results.

“Image Credit: wikimedia.org