75% of Americans Use Cellphone on Toilet

toiletWe can probably guess where some of you are reading this right now.

The results of a new survey have revealed that nearly three-quarters of Americans are guilty of pulling out their cellphone while sitting on the toilet. That figure jumps to 91 percent for those born between 1977 and 1993.

Conducted by the marketing agency 11mark, the survey (called “IT in the Toilet”) asked 1,000 Americans about their bathroom habits.

Of those polled, 25 percent said they wouldn’t even go to the bathroom without their mobile device. And while 63 percent admitted to answering calls, 41 percent have talked to someone else (at least knowingly) who was also on the toilet.

Interestingly enough, professionals also admitted to using their phone on the toilet while working. Twenty percent of men have even joined a conference call from the toilet (and 13 percent of women).

So which mobile users are the worst offenders?

Android users — by far. A whopping 87 percent admitted to talking, texting and surfing the web while in the restroom. BlackBerry users were the most likely to answer (75%) or make a call (48%) while in the loo, and iPhone users were the most likely to use an app (57%) or engage in social media (52%).

Keeping Public Restrooms Clean Is More Important Than Ever

America’s unhealthy devotion to constant communication means restroom cleanliness is more important than ever. Though it’s unlikely that cleaning professionals will be able to convince restroom users to wash their hands (unless they’re willing to put up signs) — they can do their best to make sure restroom surfaces are clean and sanitary.

Cross contamination, in particular, is one biggest concerns with restroom cellphone use. Touch-free hand washing (i.e., foam hand soap dispensers and automatic hand dryers), along with periodic sanitizing is the best way to keep your restrooms safe and clean for users and their phones.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons