Evaluating Practices & Maintaining High Cleaning Standards

cleaning-bidBidding on cleaning contracts takes a thorough understanding of the industry, some experience, and a bit of savvy. There will always be the low-ballers who promise to do more for less just to get the job. Not only can that kind of behavior lead to disagreements between a client and a cleaning provider, it can tarnish the reputation of the commercial cleaning industry as a whole.

It is important for commercial cleaners to regularly evaluate their services and review their standards. Ask yourself some important questions about how you do business and what kinds of commercial cleaning you are equipped to handle:

Cleaning Practices

  • What is your cleaning company good at doing? It is tempting to bid on an attractive job. A well-paying contract is enticing, but make sure you have the staff, the training and the equipment to adequately perform the job before bidding on it.
  • What is your company not as good at? Many cleaning companies have expertise with a set of tasks, such as hard floor care, window washing, and medical facility cleaning. Not every cleaning company can do everything perfectly. Know your limitations and strengthen your strengths.
  • Are you working to improve your weakenesses? There is always room for improvement in the cleaning industry. Better commercial cleaning products and practices help you do jobs better and improve the cleaning industry at large.

Business Practices

  • Are you maintaining profitable accounts? Contracts should be re-evaluated on a regular basis to determine their profitability. Over time, jobs may need to be renegotiated or terminated in order to make room for more profitable opportunities. Determine whether your high maintenance accounts are worth the extra time and effort, as well.
  • Measure your productivity. Compare clients and jobs that are similar to get an idea of what a good productivity rate is for that type of client. Every job will be different, but having a ballpark standard of how productive your staff should be will help you maintain a high standard for each job. You can get a rough idea of your productivity for each cleaning job by dividing the square footage being cleaned by the direct labor hours.
  • How are you measuring your standards? Based on your contract for a cleaning job, are you giving the customer what they are paying for and performing the best work  you can? Are you using the best cleaning products and equipment available to you? Is your staff properly and regularly trained so they can clean to the highest of industry standards?

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