green cleaning

How-To: Sustainable Cleaning in the Workplace

green cleaning
Increased efficiency, reduced costs and brand enhancement are just a few benefits associated with going green. Unfortunately many small business owners fail to recognize that adopting a culture of sustainability begins with the cleaning process.

Sustainable cleaning in the workplace is an easy starting point for small companies that wish to reduce their carbon footprint without spending an excess of time or money. It’s a simple, cost-effective initiative that your company can implement right away.

So where do you start?

Cleaning Products

Most commercial cleaning products contain a brew of toxic chemicals that are harmful to both the environment and the health of your employees. Inversely, environmentally-friendly cleaning products contain fewer pollutants and subsequently clean more safely. They also require less packaging than traditional commercial cleaning products. When hiring a commercial cleaning company, make sure they specialize in certified green cleaning products and practices.

Daytime Cleaning

Traditionally most businesses have hired contract cleaners to address building sanitation and cleaning duties during off-peak hours. These days however, more and more companies are shifting towards a new daytime cleaning policy because it reduces both energy consumption and light pollution. If you can manage to implement a daytime cleaning program, your company will be considerably more sustainable and cost-efficient.

Waste Management

Every business creates waste, but many fail to realize that much of this waste is recyclable. Establishing a recycling program is the best way to make sure reusable materials aren’t ending up in landfills. A good recycling program requires effort from everyone on the team to be effective. If your business only generates a small amount of recyclables, you may want to consider partnering with neighboring businesses so that you can qualify for pick-up by a commercial recycler or waste hauler.