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Janitorial Supplies: 3 Tips for Cutting Costs Not Corners

janitorial suppliesThese days just about every business owner is trying to cut costs. Unfortunately, cutting costs can easily snowball into cutting corners – especially for professional cleaners. And this challenge is becoming even more difficult as the total cost of janitorial supplies continues to rise across the globe.

So how can professional cleaners cut back on costs without comprising the health and safety of their facility? Check out our tips below!

1) Purchase Your Janitorial Supplies Online

Just like any other online shopping experience, purchasing janitorial products on the web is a great way to increase efficiency. You’ll have access to countless manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and big box stores – where you’ll then have the option to purchase all of your supplies in one fell swoop or pick-and-chose as you see economically fit. In some cases, you might also benefit from decreased costs. Most online stores have a lower overhead cost, which means you’ll also see a drop in your final bill.

2) Always Buy Products in Bulk

Assuming you have enough storage space handy, buying in bulk is by far one of the best ways to greatly reduce cost. Because they’ll be receiving a large influx of cash flow, most wholesalers are willing to give significant discounts on bulk orders. Never settle on the first bid though – shop around at different wholesalers to makes sure you’re getting the best prices possible.

3) Purchase Green Commercial Cleaning Products

While it’s not always possible to purchase all green cleaning products, you should when you can. The initial costs might seem higher, but in the long run you’ll save money in a number of ways:

  • First, green products use less packaging – which translates into lower shipping costs.
  • Second, environmentally-friendly cleaning products are non-toxic. As a result, professional cleaners are at a lower risk of work-related injuries (and subsequent workman’s comp).
  • Third, green cleaners are kinder to building surfaces. This means your facility will experience less wear and tear related to chemical cleaner exposure over time.

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