restaurant cleaning

Our Comprehensive Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

restaurant cleaning
As we’ve previously discussed, there’s nothing more disgusting to a customer than a dirty restaurant – and the same goes for behind-the-scenes. If you want to keep your customers healthy and happy, you’ve got to keep your kitchen spic-and-span.

Checkout the checklist below:

Throughout a Shift Cleaning Checklist

  • Brush grill in between cooking meat, poultry and fish
  • Wipe down countertops and prep areas
  • Switch and/or clean cutting boards
  • Empty trash bins
  • Switch out cleaning rags and sanitizing water
  • Restock supplies

After Shift Cleaning Checklist (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

  • Clean fryers, grills, grease traps, slicers and other pertinent kitchen equipment
  • Change foil liners on stoves, grills and flattops
  • Run hood filters through dishwasher
  • Sanitize and wipe down all cooking surfaces
  • Sweep and mop the floors and wipe down floor mats
  • Place all aprons (and other kitchen-specific clothing) in laundry
  • Cover all food bins with plastic wrap

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

  • Scrub dirt and grime off of sinks and faucets
  • Empty out and sanitize coolers and refrigerators
  • Clean oven (always follow manufacturer’s instructions), coffee machine and other kitchen equipment
  • Use drain cleaners to clear out floor drains

Monthly Cleaning Checklist

  • Use degreaser behind ovens, stoves and fryers to prevent grease fires.
  • Clean out freezers
  • Calibrate thermometers and ovens
  • Scrub down walls, doors, cupboards and dry storage area
  • Empty out ice machine and sanitize

It’s important to remember that a cleaning checklist is only the first step to maintaining a clean kitchen. Your employees need routine training, the right equipment and cleaning supplies and of course regular encouragement to get the job done right on a daily basis, weekly and monthly basis.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons