Reduce Cleaning Mistakes With Adequate Training

cleaning-staffIt’s important to equip your cleaning staff with safe and effective cleaning equipment and cleaning products. It is equally important to equip them with adequate and useful training. The efficiency and safety of your cleaning team could rely on a thorough and thoughtful training program.

You can help improve your cleaning department and avoid money-losing mistakes with these suggestions:

  • Create a standardized cleaning procedure for each cleaning task. Equipment, supplies and tools should be used in the same manner by all members of your staff. This will streamline the cleaning process and will create less opportunity for mistakes. It will also allow your cleaning staff to naturally hold each other to the same standard.
  • Communicate with the vendors of the cleaning products and equipment you use to find out the most effective and safest way to use their products. This is especially relevant for specialty cleaning tasks, like carpet cleaning, foodservice floor degreasing, etc.
  • Many unsafe practices are developed as a result of insufficient training. Remember that a little bit of ignorance can go a long way.
  • Consider training an ongoing process. Take opportunities to train and retrain your staff as safety and best practices are updated, when you add new members to your staff, after an accident occurs or when new equipment or products are introduced into your department. Training goes beyond a conference room or mandatory meeting. Take it into the field by observing your staff, finding teachable moments and giving positive reinforcement.
  • In addition to enough training, make sure to give the right type of training to your cleaning staff. Many cleaning applications involve chemicals and sophisticated equipment. Staff members should be trained to the level of certification so there is no doubt that they are qualified to perform a task or operate a certain pice of equipment.
  • Create a set of safety information, including accessible and easy-to-read posters and lists. Include educational materials about the chemicals, labels, safety procedures and equipment that your staff interacts with.

Cleaning mistakes can compromise the health and safety of your staff, and can also be costly. Taking the time to thoroughly train your staff on an ongoing basis will reduce the incidence of of mistakes. The bid you put in on a job, or the budget your department receives often doesn’t take costly accidents and mistakes into account. To be an efficient, safe and profitable organization, your cleaning staff needs to operate at high efficiency.

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