The Hidden Dangers of Commercial Cleaning Residue

By now, most of us are aware that chemical cleaning products aren’t very good for the environment or for our bodies. But what about the residue left behind after cleaning, is that harmful too?

The vast majority of chemical cleaning products we use to maintain facilities are made from some type of soap, oil or surfactant. As a result, residues can gradually build up over time – though they may be hidden from the naked eye.

Whether or not these residues are harmful ultimately depends on the chemistry of the solution being used. Generally speaking, the more toxic a chemical cleaner is – the greater the health risk.

Risks associated with cleaning chemical residue:

  • Dangerously slippery floors or other surfaces – When a surface feels slick or slippery following a thorough cleaning, this is a good indication that residue has been left behind.
  • Food for microbes – Residual product provides a food source for microbes – which cause the surface to become re-contaminated – increasing the need for additional cleaning.
  • Indoor air quality issues – Chemical residues can become airborne, aggravating asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues.

Chemical residues not only pose health and safety risks for building occupants, they also might contribute to building degradation over time.

So what can you do to prevent chemical residue?

Environmentally-friendly cleaning products!

Unfortunately there aren’t many chemical cleaning products that are residue-free. But there are a variety of green commercial cleaning products like soap-free detergents that can service as a great first step towards eliminating safety and health risks. Some solvents and team vapor systems are also good examples of residue-free chemistry, but they may not be as kind to the environment.

Cleaning with green rinse-free products from the start is the best way to eliminate build-up over time. At National Purity, we carry a variety of green all-purpose cleaners, green soaps and green degreasers. Learn more about our products.