Tips for Cleaning Baseboards

how-to-clean-baseboardsBaseboards and Floor Care

Floor care is one of the cornerstones of commercial cleaning. Every facility has a floor, and every floor needs to be kept clean. A closer look reveals that there is more to a floor than just the tile, linoleum or hardwood that it is composed of.

Many floors are trimmed with baseboards that provide a transition from wall to floor, as well as protect walls from scuff, dents and other damage that can floor cleaning equipment can inadvertently cause.

Just like the floor surface, baseboards need to be kept clean both for health and for appearance.

Preparing to Clean Baseboards

Before selecting the products and equipment to clean baseboards, you should determine the material that they are made of. The wrong combination of cleaning chemicals and baseboard material could lead to discolored, warped, stripped, or generally damaged baseboards. It’s a good idea to test an inconspicuous area with your cleaning product before going all out on an entire floor.

Cleaning Baseboards

Baseboards pose unique challenges for cleaning staff. Their long vertical alignment doesn’t give cleaning solutions much time to remain standing on them in order to dissolve dirt and grime and disinfect. Good old fashioned elbow grease is the best way to tackle baseboard cleaning projects.

Focus on one small area of a baseboard at a time, reapplying all-purpose cleaner as needed. By working on a small area and reapplying cleaning solution frequently, you will allow your cleaning agent to fully break down dirt particles and disinfect baseboard surfaces. Cleaning baseboards can be a time consuming job that is labor intensive and requires concentration and dedication. Use a good all-purpose cleaner or degreaser to help the job go more smoothly.

Additional Tips

  • The floor underneath a baseboard should be protected from run off while cleaning.
  • Scrubbing and agitation will often be required to remove stains and other grime. Use a cloth or brush that is the least abrasive while still being effective. You want to avoid scratching or denting the surface of the baseboard while cleaning it.
  • Baseboards are easily bumped and damaged during regular floor maintenance. Take special care not to splash them or run into them with floor cleaning solutions and equipment.
  • When applying finish to a floor, cut in along the edges first to prevent splashing baseboards. Splashed finish can build up on baseboards and create unsightly areas that attract soil and other contaminants.
  • If a baseboard is splashed with finish or floor cleaning solution, it should immediately be wiped clean.

Hopefully these tips will help you keep baseboards on your commercial cleaning projects clean and professional-looking.

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