Top 8 best contract packaging designs and why you should copy them

package-designContract packaging is becoming the norm for manufacturers and distributors in the post-recession economy. Commercial cleaning suppliers in particular have implemented improved methods of operation, including the use of contract packaging, that have left them poised to profit as the economy improves.

By relying on third party professionals for contract package design and manufacturing, companies can reduce their overhead. Handing packaging off to someone else means less equipment, training, and staff to pay for.

Packaging is better off because of it, in our opinion. Contract packagers are manufacturing experts who have made it their business to work with companies that need packaging solutions for their products. Efficiency, cost-effectiveness, technological advancement, speed, inventory control, the list of benefits that contract packagers provide their clients stretches out longer than you may realize.

Advancing Contract Packaging Design

While cost savings and efficient manufacturing are key elements that are driving cleaning suppliers toward contract packaging solutions, we have seen unique and lively advancements in package design, as well.

Here are 8 of our favorite contract packaging designs that span industries and applications.

#1 Brushman Shaving Brushes

Creating a visually arresting package design can combine elements of unconventionality, unique graphic design, and humor. Brushman’s new shaving brush packages also lean on the actual product as part of the full design impact of the packaging.

Strategically placed photos of men’s faces are printed just below the fine, vertically displayed bristles of a shaving brush. The graphic display jumps out from shelves and takes some of the mundane out of the daily shaving routine.

#2 Two Hoots Winery

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, or a wine bottle by it’s label. Two Hoots is turning that old adage on its head, however. Their new wine labels use art and graphics to convey the stylistic qualities of the wine they contain, creating an intuitive brand experience that relies heavily on packaging design.

The simple, bold caricatures target a young audience that relates well to visual marketing and communication. Using packaging elements to market and describe the qualities of their product is ahead of the curve, and an approach that we tip our hats to.

#3 Thelma’s Cookies

Everybody loves cookies. The smell, feel, and flavor of freshly baked cookies can’t be beat. That’s why the packaging design that Thelma’s has adopted is one of our favorites.

The mother and son company packages their cookies in a slender box that is designed to look and open like a small oven. The cookies even slide out on a miniature tray, capturing the feel of removing fresh cookies from the oven.

If there is brilliance in the contract packaging world, Thelma’s has found it. By combining a unique visual design with the visceral pleasure of opening an oven full of cookies, this company is using contract packaging to enhance their product instead of just delivering it.

#4 Word Puzzle Universal Wrapping Paper

The visually familiar landscape of a crossword puzzle rarely leaves the typeface of the newspaper. That’s why creating wrapping paper printed with word puzzle style phrases for common occasions caught our attention.

Thinking outside of convention, this type of packaging engages its audience with a unique take on something otherwise common.

Relying on simple design to create compelling impacts is one of the most exciting things about contract package design. Word Puzzle Universal Wrapping Paper is a prime example of how unique application of the ordinary can yield extraordinary results.

#5 Bellroy’s Carry Carriers

For a company that manufactures carry brands, selecting a packaging design that carriers its carriers was essential. The chic elegance of their products carries through into every aspect of Bellroy’s package design.

Wallets, billfolds, and sleek purses are packaged and shipped in minimalist card stock envelopes. With sewed seams and tasteful graphics printed on the envelope’s interior, customer’s will want to save their Bellroy package along with their Bellroy product.

#6 Dogwood Coffee’s Letterpress Labels

Coffee is a cherished commodity. It is ubiquitous in morning rituals, business meetings, late night dates, and family get togethers. Social interaction and cultural events rely on coffee as a catalyst for conversation, sharing, and community. An honored product deserves an honored package.

Dogwood Coffee Company opted for a classic letterpress label and packaging to convey the simplicity and elegance that it approaches its coffee and its customers with. Regionally renowned for their superior roasting techniques and smooth flavor, Dogwood’s contract packaging solution carries their brand through from the whole beans clacking in their bags to steaming cups up of coffee on kitchen tables, construction site thermoses, and coffee shop lattes.

#7 Coca Cola’s “Split Can”

European and Asian markets have been treated to Coke’s clever and intriguing split can.

With a simple twists, customers can share their Coke with a friend.

Part of the company’s marketing message in overseas markets is to “Share Happiness.” The split can packaging concept literally divides a 12oz. can of Coke into two smaller ones.

Coke has been notable for creative marketing tactics for decades. This new twist on packaging is an incredibly creative way to continue to bring marketing innovation through packaging to their industry.

#8 Klein Constantia

Not only is this company’s name and product unique, their contract packaging is truly one of a kind.

Klein Constantia honey comes in a beehive-like package that communicates the fresh, elemental quality of the sweet nectar that lies within.

Complete with miniature card stock bees and elegant graphical wrapping, Klein Constantia’s package creates more than novelty. It meets the sensational flavor of fresh honey head on with a compelling and unique packaging solution that might actually makes its honey taste better.

Contract packaging has the potential to make your product better. Take some time to discuss your approach to packaging, and use our 8 favorite contract packaging examples to start forming your own unique product delivery experience. You won’t be sorry you did.

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