Winter Cleaning

Winter Safety Tips for Cleaning Professionals

Winter CleaningWinter is just around the corner, which means we’re in for some harsh weather, below freezing temperatures and heavy snowstorms. If you’re a cleaning professional, it’s time to start padding your current safety practices with some extra precaution.

Bulk cleaning supplies aren’t enough to keep everyone safe during the long winter months. Nearly eight million emergency room visits each year are the result of an accidental slip or fall – making prevention a top concern for most cleaning professionals.

  • Take extra care with building entryways. These high traffic areas should always be uncluttered and free of debris.
  • Always have ice melt on hand in advance of an upcoming winter storm.
  • The winter months are much darker, which calls for additional lighting. Ensure all entryways are well lit throughout the day, instead of just turning them on during night time hours.
  • Keep your eye out for ice build-up around outdoor water sources like gutters and downspouts. Ice patches are common in these regions.
  • Make sure you have a matt system in place for the winter months to keep walkways throughout your building clean and dry.
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Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons