The Modern Rules of Flu Season

Key Prevention Techniques for Cold and Flu Season With the temperature continuing to drop outside, more people are catching colds and spiking fevers of their own as the cold and flu season rages on. Generally, cold and flu season begins in late fall or early winter and peaks in either January or February. However, as […]

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Green Cleaning

Sustainable practices and products continue to grow in popularity. Many industries are working to adapt to this new market force and the cleaning industry is no different: green cleaning is an excellent way for companies to foster a sense of environmental wellbeing and stewardship, but not at the expense of their bottom line. Green cleaning […]

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Why Frequently Touched Objects (FTOs) are Affecting Your Health

In the age of MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant bacteria, Community Acquired Infections (CAIs) can be more serious than just the common cold. CAIs can result in serious illnesses. Visits to the doctor’s office, hospital stays, and even more extreme circumstances like amputation and fatal infection can occur from the aggressive and treatment-resistant staph germs like […]

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FDA to Antibacterial Soap Manufacturers: “Prove It”

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) keeps a close watch on consumer health. Tasked with approving hundreds of thousands of food and health products, the FDA has strict standards for products that can impact public health. On the top of their list this month is triclocarban and triclosan — chemicals used widely in antibacterial hand […]

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Can your hospital save money with a bigger cleaning budget?

Budgets are tight in hospitals across the country. Finding ways to save money and reduce spending has been helping hospitals and healthcare facilities become more efficient and cost-effective in their services. One area of the budget that is vulnerable to reduced funding is the cleaning department. At the same time that many hospitals are cutting their […]

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Is your doctor’s smart phone making you sick?

We already know that our smart phones are dirtier than toilet seats. But is your doctor’s smart phone making you sick? A recent article in the Irish Times revealed that doctors’ cell phones can be sources of potential life-threatening or fatal infections. No control protocols currently exist for the use of phones in many hospitals, making […]

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6 reasons contract packaging is better than doing it yourself

Contract packaging is in the spotlight again. When efficiency and effectiveness become the focus of the way companies do business, contract packaging is inevitably one of the most discussed options. Why? From saving money on equipment and facilities to packaging and marketing specialty customization, contract packaging can cost less and deliver more for many businesses. Benefits of contract […]

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5 effective steps to stop restroom germs

Public restrooms have a bad reputation. Many people consider them to be unsanitary, smelly, and full of germs. Many times they are right. Much of the blame lies with restroom patrons who do not properly wash their hands. Improper hand washing promotes the spread of infection-causing germs on high touch surfaces in restrooms like sinks, […]

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The secret to successful green cleaning

Green cleaning is more popular than ever, and for good reason. Companies that incorporate green cleaning products and practices are contributing to a better environment, more sustainable practices, and better business. An educated consumer base is also on the prowl for companies that incorporate green practices into their standard operating procedures. The power of going […]

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Why social media is making bathrooms cleaner

A blogger on pitch.com recently wrote: “I recently went to wash my hands in a restaurant bathroom that was so dirty, I honestly believe that my hands were cleaner before I went in than when I walked out. It made me a little — no, a lot — resistant to ordering food from this place, […]

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