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Quality Products that Support Food Safety

Machine Products             Spanish SDS Available Upon Request


Prestige Detergent  

Ultra concentrated, alkaline formula designed for high and low temp dishmachines and glasswashers. Suspends soils to remove tough starch, grease and proteins. 

Ordering Information

Item# 1010302  2-1 gal

Item# 1010327  2-2.5 gal



Prestige Aluminum Safe Detergent

Safe on aluminum and metals. Designed for use in both high and low temp dishmachines and glasswashers.  Provides a spot-free shine for silverware, glasses, china and plasticware.

Ordering Information

Item# 1010402  2-1 gal

Item# 1010427  2-2.5 gal



Prestige Rinse

Designed for use in both high and low temp dishmachines and glasswashers.  Provides a spot-free shine for silverware, glasses, china and plasticware.

Ordering Information

Item# 1011302  2-1 gal

Item# 1011327  2-2.5 gal



Prestige IncrediSan

Fast acting chlorine based, formulated for low temp dishmachines and glasswashers.  Coupled with 120° degrees Fahrenheit water, its stable formula ensures a long shelf live, resulting in the required efficacy ratings of 50-100 ppm. 

Ordering Information

Item# 1012302  2-1 gal

Item# 1012327  2-2.5 gal


Manual Products

Mark 10 Super Suds

Long lasting, high foaming heavy-duty dish detergent. Excellent sudsy grease cutting soap designed for 3-Compartment sinks.  Environmentally friendly chemistry.

Ordering Information

Item# 1013036  6-32 oz

Item# 1013002  2-1 gal

Item# 1013027  2-2.5 gal



Mark 10 Quat

Formulated to disinfect, clean and sanitize.  Designed to sanitize in 3-comp sinks, food preparation and storage areas in restaurants, bars, kitchens and bakeries.  Designed to disinfect in hotels, long term care centers and hospitals.

Ordering Information

Item# 1014602  2-1 gal

Item# 1014627  2-2.5 gal



Prestige Silverware Presoak

Prepares flatware prior to dishmachine washing by loosening soils, allowing for excellent wash and rinse action on baked on foods

Ordering Information

Item# 1013302  2-1 gal

Item# 1013327  2-2.5 gal


All Purposes Cleaners & Degreasers

Mark Magic Heavy Duty Degreaser

Highly concentrated, quickly removes grease on contact. Clinging foam, designed for hoods, vents, ovens, grills and fryers. Environmentally friendly.

Ordering Information

Item# 1015236  6-32 oz

Item# 1015202  2-1 gal

Item# 1015204  4-1 gal

Mark Magic Multi.jpg

Mark Magic Multipurpose Cleaner

New gen polymer technology reduces labor by coating surfaces with a protective layer, reducing future cleaning times. Removes greasy film on contact for easy cleaning.

Ordering Information



Item# 1024536  6-32 oz


Item# 1024602  2-1 gal

Item# 1024627  2-2.5 gal

Dazzle Glass.jpg

Dazzle Shine Glass Cleaner

Non streaking alcohol-based glass, mirror & window cleaner.  Safe on porcelain and tile.

Ordering Information



Item# 1028036  6-32 oz


Item# 1028102  2-1 gal

Item# 1028127  2-2.5 gal


Scale-Away Delimer

Heavy duty acidic deliming agent removes iron, hard water scale, calcium and lime deposits.

Ordering Information

Item# 1017036  6-32 oz

Item# 1017002  2-1 gal

Floor Cleaners

Dazzle Plus Neutral Cleaner

Antistatic, no rinse floor cleaner contains optical brighteners to enhance gloss.  Non-alkaline, mild formula never leaves a film or haze.

Ordering Information

Item# 1027504  4-1 gal

Item# 1027527  2-2.5 gal

Dazzle Plus.jpg
pure pine.jpg

Pure Pine Versatile Cleaner

Formulated with true Pine oil.  Alkaline grease cutting floor & wall cleaner.  Long lasting fragrance, safe on asphalt, rubber and tile.

Ordering Information

Item# 1027404  4-1 gal

Item# 1027427  2-2.5 gal

Mop N Go Enzyme Cleaner

Grease eating, enzymatic, no rinse floor cleaner, helps reduce slips & falls.  Eliminates grease in floor drains & aids in removal of drain flies.

Ordering Information

Item# 1018104  4-1 gal

Item# 1018127  2-2.5 gal

mop n go.jpg
deck brush.JPG

Garflor Concrete Cleaner

Free rinsing, heavy-duty dock and concrete cleaner, quickly eliminates grease and oils.

Ordering Information

Item# 1018093  45 lb pail

Hand Soaps

hand soap icon.png

Smooth As Silk

Smooth and gentle, earthy pine forest air scented hand wash.  Leaves hands clean, soft & moisturized.

Ordering Information


Item# 1019502  2-1 gal


Item# 1019602  2-1 gal

hand soap icon.png

Pure Foam

Foaming, fresh mountain air scented hand wash delivers a rich foam for a clean and gentle wash.

Ordering Information


Item# 1019702  2-1 gal


Item# 1019802  2-1 gal

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