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Janitorial Cleaners

No Scrub Bathroom Cleaner

Acidic general foaming bathroom cleaner.  Great for daily use cleaning tubs and showers.

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Item# 1026336  6-32 oz


Item# 1026427  2-2.5 gal

Item# 1026405  5 gal

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Clinging Bowl Cleanse

Acidic bathroom cleaner used on toilet bowls and urinals. Kills 99.9% bacteria.  Quickly removes tough stains.

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Item# 1026036  6-32 oz



Scale-Away Delimer

Heavy duty acidic deliming agent removes iron, hard water scale, calcium and lime deposits.

Ordering Information

Item# 1017036  6-32 oz

Item# 1017002  2-1 gal


Mark Magic Heavy Duty Degreaser

Highly concentrated, quickly removes grease on contact. Clinging foam, designed for hoods, vents, ovens, grills and fryers. Environmentally friendly.

Ordering Information

Item# 1015236  6-32 oz

Item# 1015202  2-1 gal

Item# 1015204  4-1 gal

Item# 1015205  5 gal

Item# 1015255  55 gal

Mark Magic Multi.jpg

Mark Magic Multipurpose Cleaner

New gen polymer technology reduces labor by coating surfaces with a protective layer, reducing future cleaning times. Removes greasy film on contact for easy cleaning.

Ordering Information



Item# 1024536  6-32 oz

Item# 1024502  2-1 gal


Item# 1024604  4-1 gal

Item# 1024627  2-2.5 gal

Item# 1024605  5 gal

Item# 1024655  55 gal

Dazzle Glass.jpg

Dazzle Shine Glass Cleaner

Non streaking alcohol-based glass, mirror & window cleaner.  Safe on porcelain and tile.

Ordering Information



Item# 1028036  6-32 oz


Item# 1028104  4-1 gal

Item# 1028127  2-2.5 gal

Item# 1028105  5 gal

Item# 1028155  55 gal

Floor Cleaners

Dazzle Plus.jpg

Dazzle Plus Neutral Cleaner

Antistatic, no rinse floor cleaner contains optical brighteners to enhance gloss.  Non-alkaline, mild formula never leaves a film or haze.

Ordering Information

Item# 1027504  4-1 gal

Item# 1027527  2-2.5 gal


pure pine.jpg

Pure Pine Versatile Cleaner

Formulated with true Pine oil.  Alkaline grease cutting floor & wall cleaner.  Long lasting fragrance, safe on asphalt, rubber and tile.

Ordering Information

Item# 1027404  4-1 gal

Item# 1027427  2-2.5 gal

mop n go.jpg

Mop N Go Enzyme Cleaner

Grease eating, enzymatic, no rinse floor cleaner, helps reduce slips & falls.  Eliminates grease in floor drains & aids in removal of drain flies.

Ordering Information

Item# 1018104  4-1 gal

Item# 1018127  2-2.5 gal

deck brush.JPG

Garflor Concrete Cleaner

Free rinsing, heavy-duty dock and concrete cleaner, quickly eliminates grease and oils.

Ordering Information

Item# 1018093  45 lb pail

Hand Soaps

hand soap icon.png

Smooth As Silk

Smooth and gentle, earthy pine forest air scented hand wash.  Leaves hands clean, soft & moisturized.

Ordering Information


Item# 1019502  2-1 gal


Item# 1019602  2-1 gal

hand soap icon.png

Pure Foam

Foaming, fresh mountain air scented hand wash delivers a rich foam for a clean and gentle wash.

Ordering Information


Item# 1019702  2-1 gal


Item# 1019802  2-1 gal

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